LonelyID on OpenID

After analyzing LonelyID statistics results during the first month of our launch, we realized that a high percentage of users who requested an account have not yet made use of it.

This situation is worrying us and we think that is mainly due to the lack of knowledge that exists around the OpenID standard.

Most of the websites that support OpenID use different mechanisms for registration (applying different data records, not allowing direct registration with OpenID, etc.) The diversity of formats and registration processes add extra difficulty to the use of OpenID by the users.

To try to encourage a bit more the use of OpenID, we have decided to prepare and launch over the next days a serie of demonstration videos. Those videos will contain real examples of how to use LonelyID on broadly-known OpenID-enabled websites.

The first video of the serie corresponds to an example of registration with LonelyID on www.dailymotion.com website.


We have just released a free version of LonelyID Mobile for iPhone for a limited time.

LonelyID is an authentication system based on OpenID that allows you to avoid remembering any password. Your new password will be generated safely inside your mobile phone. The password generated on the mobile changes every minute and the previous password is no longer valid. This ensures you can access your websites without having to remember passwords and without having to worry about malware or keyloggers.

If you would really like to use (or already use) an OpenID service to access your favorite websites, we encourage you to try LonelyID.

Download the iphone application directly from the following URL:



According to the information published on the OpenID Foundation website there are over 9 million websites utilizing OpenID for registration and login on some portion of their websites.

Within this group of websites that supports OpenID, we may also include the vast majority of the applications that we have created this year using our development platform TubeSpark. As I mentioned in previous articles, TubeSpark natively supports OpenID authentication and user registration.

Our commitment and trust on OpenID allowed us to create a free OpenID service.  

The service is called LonelyID and uses a special authentication mechanism that goes beyond the classic user/password authentication. With LonelyID, passwords are generated randomly in the user's mobile phone (using LonelyID Mobile) with no need to exchange data with the authentication server.

To learn more about LonelyID, you can visit: http://www.lonelyid.com


A couple of weeks ago we were foretelling its release but now we can say that LonelyID service is a reality!

LonelyID is an innovative online authentication service that operates on the OpenID standard and gives you maximum security to access all your web apps and web services.

Its main feature compared to other OpenID services is to generate random passwords on your own mobile phone (using LonelyID Mobile app) and valid only for a short time period (OTP). No need to remember passwords anymore. All your access will remain safe and always confidential.

Go to the homepage of the service, www.lonelyid.com to know more about its operation.

Or download the app Lonely Mobile for iPhone / iPod Touch and activate your new LonelyID identifier. Very easy!

LonelyID on OpenID


We’re really excited to (almost) announce LonelyID, a new form of online authentication. With it you will not need to remember passwords anymore.


LonelyID is an authentication system that provides you access from any Internet-enabled computer to all those web applications compatible with OpenID in a completely secure form and with no need to remember any password by simply installing an application called LonelyID Mobile on your phone.

In short LonelyID Mobile will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Follow us on twitter to find out about the LonelyID world-wide release.

For more info visit: www.lonelyid.com

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